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Here at Varsity House we have a large contingency of adult male & female warriors who train with us.  Our adult clients come from all walks of   life from doctors and accountants, to school teachers and stay at home  moms. However all who train with us have one thing in common: they hate  training at the so called health clubs and want something different  for  their training. 

They want to train like a bad ass and not be bothered  by the BS social  scene associated with going to a big health club.  They want to train in a way that translates to the real world, training with function.  With  that in mind we have been able to help our clients  achieve amazing  results that are consistent and lasting.

The classes we offer will allow you to consistently integrate a physical  training regiment into your exisiting lifestyle, while utilizing a  variety of  techniques and specialized progressions to keep the sessions fun and challenging.


*All adults must complete an evaluation session and fill out a release form before attending any classes.

Varsity Fit is our signature functional cross training class.  This class has it all…weights, cardio, core, and conditioning.  Lift weights, pull sleds, swing kettle bells, and sweat you’re a**es off! Burn up to 700calories/class!

 Group Training Classes

Customized Programming

Nutrition Guide & Meal Plan

Injury Prevention & Flexibility

A TEAM of coaches to guide
& instruct you

Train in a more private atmosphere with a program designed specifically to help you reach your personal goals. Work one-on-one with one of our trainers to obtain maximal results.

In addition to training you will receive a nutrition guide and our in-house nutritionist will help you along the way.

Take control of your nutrition and fitness. and learn how to eat healthy and exercise for the rest of your life. No gimmicks, no fad diets, just the latest in nutrition and training science that WILL GET YOU RESULTS!

Our all inclusive programs include UNLIMITED SMALL GROUP TRAINING CLASSES with a wide variety of EXCLUSIVE   classes for ALL AGES & ABILITIES, METABOLIC MAKEOVER and COMPLETE MEAL PLAN. You will also have A TEAM OF COACHES to guide & encourage you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.

Strategic Nutrition Advanced Planning

S.N.A.P is more  than a nutrition program, it is a lifestyle.  It is NOT a Diet.  Simone  will teach you what proper nutrition really means: How to choose the  right foods, when and how much to eat, what foods work best for your  specific goals, what supplements to take, and most important how to make those changes stick!  The days of guessing will be over.


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