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Over the last ten years Varsity House has helped develop some of the area’s best athletes.  From College All-Americans to Professional Athletes.  Our college training program has become the go to destination for athletes wanting and needing to improve their game.  Come join our world-class team of coaches and become a part of the most dominating training program in the country.



Train alongside D1, Pro and Olympic athletes in an inspiring environment that breeds success. Surround yourself with motivated individuals while you progress in a training program that his been proven to get results.

Out run the competition!  Develop game speed and quickness needed to dominate your opponents.  We use the most current speed training techniques to give each athlete improved running form, stride length, frequency, 1st step burst, and Change of Direction.  SPEED KILLS!!!

Out Muscle the Competition!  Our program develops athletic strength for athletes.  We use a multifaceted training system that covers all aspects of strength.  We incorporate traditional lifts with Olympic lifts, plyos, and unconventional strongman style training to produce athletes with DOMINATING total body strength!

Over Power the Competition!  Power is the ability to generate great force at moment’s notice.  Our training program is specifically designed to train athletes how to be EXPLOSIVE, both in the gym and on the field.

Out Perform the Competition!  Nothing matters more than the overall performance of our athletes on the field.  Our program allows athletes to develop their individual skill sets through specific drilling with our coaches.  Athletes will have the opportunity to work with, and compete against other athletes at their position.  We help teach our athletes how to convert their new speed, strength, and power to the field for optimal PERFORMANCE. 

Your Competitions NOT doing this!  Jail-House Fridays are our way of putting an exclamation point on another great week of training.  Our athletes love this day for its mix of VANITY WORK (Chest, Traps, and Pipes) along with some of the most physically challenging STRONGMAN CONDITIONING CIRCUITS and events.  Athletes will flip tires, pull sleds, carry sand bags, swing sledge hammers, box, and even push cars around the parking lot!  Develop crushing grip, core strength, and stamina to dominate the game of football.  Come experience what all the hype is about…you’ll see!

train like a pro


Our college program incorporates all aspects of an athletes training, including speed, skill development, nutrition, strength training and conditioning. If your goal is to become one of the top athletes in the country, we have the tools, staff and experience to make that a reality. Join us today!



fuller"Varsity House Gym made a huge difference in my overall performance. It was like no other facility I have ever trained in. I was extremely impressed" - Devin Fuller  (Atlanta Falcons)

lastella"When I am not in-season playing and practicing with the team, I do almost all of my training at Varsity House. My flexibility and recovery has never been better. Thanks for all the help with my game!" - Tommy LaStella  (Chicago Cubs)

trumbetti"I have trained at Varsity House for years now, and they have made me into the athlete I am today. They are more then coaches and trainers, but more like friends and family" - Andrew Trumbetti  (Notre Dame Fighting Irish)

sinead"I had been searching for a gym to call home for months, doing trial sessions at several facilities. The moment I walked into Varsity House, I knew it was the place for me. The coaching is like no other gym I have ever trained at. " - Sinead Corley  (USA Bobsled & Hammer)


College Prep Full Year
May 14th - Aug 31st
Dec15th - Feb 1st
& Spring Break

College Prep Summer Only
May 14th - Aug 31st

College Prep Weekly Rate


If you have any questions about the program, our gym or staff please give us a call anytime at 201-767-1305.

Varsity House Gym
337 Blaisdell Road
Orangeburg, NY 10962


If you would like to come in for a tour of the facility
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